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Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Victoria, Canada

Adjunct Professor, University of New South Wales, Climate Change Research Centre, Sydney, Australia


Editor's Award, Journal of Climate, American Meteorological Society (2010)

Ph.D., Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Sevastopol, Ukraine (1992)


Oleg Saenko

Research Scientist

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Ocean circulation and climate: observations, theories and models

  • Ocean-atmosphere interaction
  • Meridional overturning circulation
  • Ocean heat uptake processes
  • Climate variability and change


Editor, Journal of Climate


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Korotaev, G.K., O.A. Saenko, and C.J. Koblinsky. 2001. Satellite altimetry observations of the Black Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research. 106(C1): 917-933.

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     Climate Change and Processes
     Climate Modelling
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