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Adjunct professor, Centre for Environment, University of Toronto


Ph.D. Geography

2007 Co-recipient of Nobel Peace Prize as member of IPCC-TGICA

2003 National Research Council Research Award for Green Roof Research


Brad Bass

Researcher - Government in-house Green Roof expert

Centre for Environment, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contribute to Environment Canada’s mandate to provide decision and policy makers within communities, organizations, the private sector, and government with the information they can use to achieve sustainability today and in the future

  • Promote and facilitate adaptation to atmospheric climate change and variability in the energy, health and building sectors
  • Using agent-based simulation models for use in research and education to understand how systems adapt to environmental change specifically in forecasting changes in energy demand and in vector-borne diseases
  • Assessing regional energy supply adaptations to climate change and other changes in technology and policy
  • Assessing ecological technologies (green roofs, green walls, breathing walls) for adaptation


Member of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Task Group on Data and Scenario Support for Impact and Climate Analysis (TGICA)

Chair, North American Green Roof Research Committee

Member of the City of Mississauga's Environmental Advisory Committee

Graduate and undergraduate student supervision; adaptation workshops


Lin Q., G. Huang, B. Bass and X.S. Qin. 2009. IFTEM: An Interval-Fuzzy Two- Stage Stochastic Optimization Model for Regional Energy Systems Planning under Uncertainty. Energy Policy 37(3):868-878.

Currie, B.-A. and B. Bass. 2008. Estimates of Air Pollution Mitigation with Green Plants and Green Roofs using the UFORE model. Urban Ecosystems 11(4): 409-422.

Martens, R. and B. Bass. 2008. Roof-Envelope Ratio Impact on Green Roof Energy Performance. Urban Ecosystems 11(4):399-408.

Saiz-Alcazar, S., C. Kennedy, B. Bass and K. Pressnail. 2006. Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Standard and Green Roofs. Environmental Science and Technology. 40:4312-4316.

Bass, B. and E. Chan. 2005. Complexity and organized behaviour within environmental bounds (COBWEB): an agent-based approach to simulating ecological adaptation. Journal of Environmental Informatics. 6(2): 58-71.

Bass, B., V. Economou, C. Lee, T. Perks, S. Smith and Q. Yip. 2003. The Interaction Between Social-Psychological Factors in Indoor Environmental Health. Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 85:199-219.

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     Adaptation & Impacts
          Computer analysis and modelling
Nature & Wildlife
          Urban ecosystems
          Decision support systems
          Green roof technology
          Green technologies
          Impacts of urbanization
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