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Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia - Registered as a Professional Geoscientist


B.Sc. (Hons.) Geography, University of Victoria, 2003

M.Sc. Geography, University of Victoria, 2006


Laurent de Rham

Climate Impact Hydrologist - Freshwater ice research

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - National scale assessments of freshwater ice using historical information focussing on river and lake ice

  • Canada-wide assessment of river ice including extracting ice related variables from archived hydrometric records to assess timing, duration and magnitude of freeze-up, mid-winter and break-up jamming and processes
  • Lake ice monitoring network: integrating historical and current lake ice thickness,composition and snow depth data for the validation of freshwater ice growth and a decay modelling. Includes use of Ground Penetrating Radar instrumentation
  • Monitoring of cold-region freshwater systems: involvement with automated approaches for northern lakes including buoy/mooring system


Reviewer for:

  • Canadian Water Resources Journal
  • Hydrological Processes
  • Journal of Hydrology


Prowse, T.D., L. de Rham, Y. Dibike, S. Harder, T. Callaghan and S. Saloranta. 2009. A Lake Monitoring and Modelling Network for Climate Change Studies. Poster Presentation at ArcticNet 2009 Annual Scientific Meetintg. Dec 8-11, 2009, Victoria, BC.

de Rham, L.P., T.D. Prowse, S. Beltaos and M.P. Lacroix. 2008. Assessment of annual high-water events for the Mackenzier River basin, Canada. Hydrological Processes 22: 3864-3880.

de Rham, L.P., T.D. Prowse and B.R. Bonsal. 2008. Temporal variations in river-ice break-up over the Mackenzie River Basin, Canada. Journal of Hydrology 349: 441-454.

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Arctic & Northern
          Ice jams
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