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Member, Source Evaluation Society

Past Member, Health & Safety Committee, ESTC

Past Member, ASTM PTC 45 Committee


B.Eng., McGill University


Dominic Cianciarelli

Head - Source Measurement Section, Emissions Research and Measurement Division

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Assessing risks to Canadians and their environment posed by pollutants or other harmful or dangerous substances and conducting S&T in support of the development of regulations, codes of practice, guidelines as well as associated enforcement activities related to waste management, product control, effluent and emissions

  • Development and publishing of a reference method and guidance document for the determination of the ethylene oxide control efficiency from hospital sterilization operations
  • Research on the development of a method to quantify condensable particulate matter from stationary sources
  • Preparation for a characterization program at a coal-fired power plant in Atlantic Canada for developing emission factors for particulate matter, fines, organic compounds and metals including mercury
  • Preparation of a program to evaluate the control efficiency of a seawater scrubber installed in a marine vessel
  • Technical support for hexavalent chromium and vinyl chloride regulations, the CCME monitoring protocol for mercury from coal-fired power plants, assessment of a liquid PCB incinerator and the development of PM emission factors from the wood products industry


Conducting source measurement of stationary sources from industrial sectors and area sources

Participating in research and development for reference methods and limits of quantifications

Provision of source sampling expertise for the development of environmental performance agreements (EPAs), emission factors, Codes of Practice and CCME guidelines.

Auditing compliance monitoring for quality assurance and quality control


Reference Methods for Source Testing from Stationary Sources: HCl, EPS 1/RM/1, June 1989; PCDDs/PCDFs/PCBs, EPS 1/RM/2, June 1989; Mercury from Chlor-alkali, EPS 1/RM/5, June 1990; Lead, 1/RM/7, December 1993; Particulate, 1/RM/8, December 1993; Gaseous Emissions from Turbines and Recip Engines, EPS 1/RM/36, March 1999; VC/PVC, Revision EC 1/RM/49, February 2006; Ethylene Oxide, EC 1/RM/52, July 2007.

Manuscript reports: Characterization of Emissions from a Combustors fired with Landfill Gas (5 reports in series); Great-Lakes Bi-nation Toxics Strategy Program (6 in series); Dead Animal Cremation Units’ Program (4 in series)

Cianciarelli D. and R. Morcos. 2000. Characterization of organic compounds from selected residential wood stoves and fuels. Emissions Research and Measurement Division, Environmental Technology Advancement Directorate. Environment Technology Centre, Environment Canada. ERMD Report 2000-01.

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     Air Pollution & Quality
          Heavy metals
          Particulate matter
          Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
Pollution & Waste
          Heavy metals
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