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Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth Science, University of Waterloo

Adjunct Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan

Associate, Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick


Geoff Howell Citation of Excellence for Innovation, Environment Canada, 2005

John Hem Excellence in Science and Engineering Award, National Ground Water Association, 2003

Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany)


Leonard I. Wassenaar

Research Scientist - Stable Isotope Hydrology and Ecology

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure our water resources are protected and wildlife is conserved and protected

  • Creating new knowledge, new technology and methodologies, and innovative applications of light stable isotope tracers in the fields of hydrology and ecology
  • Conducting applied research on hydrologic, geochemical, and ecological processes and problems in aquatic ecosystems using stable isotopic techniques and tracers
  • Current research projects include nutrients in ground water, river and lake systems and impacts on aquatic productivity; particular emphasis is currently on eutrophication of Lake Winnipeg
  • Ongoing research and methods development into migratory connectivity of waterfowl, birds and insects using stable isotopes and geomatics technologies over global scales


Scientific lead for Environment Canada's Stable Isotope Facility in Saskatoon

Member of National Ground Water Association and Geological Society of America

Supervises PhD and MSc students, post-doctoral fellow via Adjunct Professorships with the University of Waterloo and University of Saskatchewan


Hobson, K.A. and L.I. Wassenaar (editors). 2008. Tracking Animal Migration Using Stable Isotopes. Handbook of Terrestrial Ecology Series, Academic Press. 144 p.

Wassenaar, L.I., M.J. Hendry and N. Harrington, N. 2006. Decadal geochemical and isotopic trends for nitrate in a transboundary aquifer and implications for agricultural management practices. Env. Sci. Technology. 40(15):4626-4632

Venkiteswaran, J, L.I. Wassenaar and S. Schiff. 2007. Diel dynamics of dissolved oxygen isotopic ratios: primary production, respiration, and gas exchange in aquatic ecosystems. Oecologia. 153(2):385-398

Wassenaar, L.I. and M.J. Hendy. 2007. Dynamics and Stable Isotope Composition of Gaseous and Dissolved Oxygen. Journal of Groundwater. 45(4):447-460

Wassenaar, L.I. and K.A. Hobson. 2001. A stable-isotope approach to delineate catchment areas of avian migration monitoring stations in North America. Environmental Science and Technology. 35:1845-1850

Wassenaar, L.I. and K.A. Hobson. 1998. Natal origins of migratory Monarch butterflies at wintering colonies in Mexico: New isotopic evidence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 95:15436-15439

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     Aquatic Ecosystems
Nature & Wildlife
     Ecosystems & Habitats
          Lake Winnipeg
     Wildlife Populations
          Stable isotope ecology
          Inland waters
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