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Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario

PTNSS (Society of Engineers of Internal Combustion Engines)


Ph.D. Candidate (Emissions from Internal Combustion Engines), Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

M.Eng. (Road Vehicle Engineering), Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland


Jacek L. Rostkowski, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Head - Technology Development / Engine Testing, Emissions Research and Measurement Division

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Assessing risks to Canadians and their environment posed by pollutants or other harmful or dangerous substances, conducts S&T in support of the development of regulations, codes of practice, guidelines as well as associated enforcement activities related to waste management, product control, effluent and emissions

  • Emissions from internal combustion engines
  • Reduction of NOx and particulates in diesel engines
  • Development of hybrid dynamometer for testing engines


Emissions from mobile sources

Development of equipment for testing of emissions from internal combustion engines and vehicles (dynamometers and sampling systems)

Providing advice on reduction of emissions from vehicles and engines for foreign governments and international organizations (United Nations, World Bank)

Methods for testing of the internal combustion engines and vehicles


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Muegge, N., J. Rostkowski and M. Tushingham. 2006. Investigation of Actual and Claimed Fuel Consumption and In-Use Emission Factors for Portable Gasoline Generators. SAE Technical Paper 2006-32-0092.

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Bock, W.J., M.S. Nawrocka, W. Urbanczyk and J. Rostkowski. 2000. Highly sensitive fibber-optic sensor for dynamic pressure measurements. In Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2000. IEEE Paper 2: 591-594.

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