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Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Honorary Research Associate, University of New Brunswick


Elective Member: American Ornithologists' Union

Ph.D. Centre for Wildlife Ecology, Simon Fraser University, 1997


Gregory J. Robertson

Research Scientist - Marine Birds and Ecosystems

Environment Canada Centre (Mount Pearl, NL)

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure wildlife is conserved and protected

  • Understanding the impact of human activity on marine bird populations
  • Using modern and new analytical approaches to assess population viability of species at risk
  • Developing spatially-based models to better understand marine bird population dynamics across broad landscapes
  • Understanding the role of weather and climate on marine bird demographics and populations


Scientific Program Chair, Society of Canadian Ornithologists/Société des Ornithoplogistes du Canada 2005 and 2007 annual meetings

Canadian representative on the Circumpolar Seabird Working Group (CBIRD), part of Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)

Technical Advisory Group Lead for marine-bird related Environmental Studies Research Fund projects

Chair, CWS/S&T Seabird Technical Committee


Robertson, G. J., H. G. Gilchrist and M. L. Mallory. 2007. Colony dynamics and persistence of Ivory Gulls breeding in Canada. Avian Conservation and Ecology – Écologie et Conservation des Oiseaux.2(2):8.

Chaulk, K.G., G. J. Robertson and W. A. Montevecchi. 2007. Landscape features and sea ice influence nesting common eider abundance and dispersion. Canadian Journal of Zoology 85:301-309.

Jones, I. J., F. M. Hunter, G. J. Robertson, J. C. Williams and G. V. Byrd. 2007. Covariation among demographic and climate parameters in whiskered auklets Aethia pygmaea. Journal of Avian Biology 38:450-461.

Wilhelm, S. I., G. J. Robertson, P. C. Ryan and D. C. Schneider. 2007. Comparing an estimate of seabirds at risk to a mortality estimate from the November 2004 Terra Nova FPSO oil spill. Marine Pollution Bulletin 54: 537-544.

Chaulk, K.G., G. J. Robertson and W. A. Montevecchi. 2006. Extinction, colonization, and distribution patterns of common eider populations nesting in a naturally fragmented landscape. Canadian Journal of Zoology 84: 1402-1408.

Heath, J. P., G. J. Robertson and W. A. Montevecchi. 2006. Population structure of breeding Harlequin Ducks and the influence of predation risk. Canadian Journal of Zoology 84: 855-864.

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Arctic & Northern
          Bird populations
Nature & Wildlife
          Human impacts
     Ecosystems & Habitats
          Marine environment
     Wildlife Populations
          Computer analysis and modelling
          Species at risk