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Postdoctoral NATO Fellowship in Meteorology, Natural Sciences and Engineering (Research Council of Canada, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge, United Kingdom), 1989-91

Ph.D. Atmospheric Dynamics, McGill University, 1989

M.Sc. Physics-Mathematics, Montreal University, 1982


Gilbert Brunet

Director - Meteorological Research

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to science that supports weather and environmental predictions and services, decision making and policy development as head of Meteorological Research Division

  • Meteorological Research Division comprises Recherche en Prévision Numérique-Atmosphere, Recherche en Prévision Numérique-Environmental, Data Assimilation and Satellite, and Cloud Physics
  • Recherche en Prévision Numérique (Atmosphere and Environmental) increases the accuracy and timeliness of forecasting; automates part of the forecasting process; supports the science necessary to forecast weather and an increasing array of environmental prediction products (e.g., forecasting real-time flood events, wind energy, drought periods, dryness index or water quality impacts for municipalities and ecosystems in general)
  • Data Assimilation and Satellite research enhances weather forecasts and warnings by improving the use of data in global and regional assimilation operational forecast systems; develops techniques for assimilating land-based and marine-based data, aerological data, and remotely-sensed data from satellites; develops ensemble prediction to assess the impact of observation and model errors on the accuracy of forecasts
  • Cloud Physics contributes to understanding how clouds and precipitation behave and can influence the threat of severe weather and climate changes, including research on using new observational approaches such as space-based remote sensing and radar that will contribute to better weather warnings and forecasts from minutes to seasons
  • Analytical and empirical studies of wave processes from mesoscale to planetary scale, and numerical weather prediction from minutes to seasons


Chair, Joint Scientific Committee for the World Weather Research Programme of the World Meteorological Organization (since March 2007)

Theses completed under co-supervision: Martinez, Y. (Ph.D. 2008, McGill U., P. Yau), Ravia, R. ( M.Sc. 2007, McGill U., P. Yau); Yazidi, H. (M.Sc. 2006, UQÀM, R. Laprise); Chen, Y. (Ph.D. 2002, McGill U., P. Yau); Zadra, A. (Ph.D. 2000, McGill U., J. Derome); Wang, Y. (M. Sc. 1999, McGill U., J. Derome); Tran, D. (Ph.D. 1998, McGill U., J. Derome); Charron, M. (Ph.D. 1998, McGill U., T. Warn); Choboter, P. (M.Sc.1997, McGill U., S. Maslowe)

Recent speaking invitations from conferences and institutions: TTISS (Monterey, USA, 2009); WAF&NWP (Omaha, USA, 2009); EGU(Vienna, Austria, 2009), TTISS (Monterey, USA, 2009), PANDOWAE (Murnau, Germany, 2009), IUGG XXIV (Perugia, Italy, 2007), American Meteorological Society 87th Annual Meeting (San Antonio, U.S., 2007), Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy, 2006), U.S.-Egypt Workshop on Predictive Methodologies for Global Weather-Related Disasters (Cairo, Egypt, 2006), High-Resolution Workshop, Earth Simulator Center (Yokohama, Japan, 2006).


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Shapiro, Melvyn A., Jagadish Shukla, Gilbert Brunet, Carlos Nobre, Michel Béland, Randall Dole, Kevin Trenberth, Richard Anthes, Ghassem Asrar, Leonard Barrie, Philippe Bougeault, Guy Brasseur,  David Burridge, Antonio Busalacchi, Jim Caughey, Delaing Chen, John Church, Takeshi Enomoto,  Brian Hoskins,  Øystein Hov, Arlene Laing , Hervé Le Treut, Jochem Marotzke, Gordon McBean, Gerald Meehl, Martin Miller,  Brian Mills, John Mitchell, Mitchell Moncrieff, Tetsuo Nakazawa, Haraldur Olafsson, Tim Palmer, David Parsons,  David Rogers,  Adrian Simmons,   Alberto Troccoli, Zoltan Toth, Louis Uccellini, Christopher Velden and John M. Wallace, 2010: An Earth-system prediction initiative for the 21st century. Accepted in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc..

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