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Lead assessor for the Canadian Association of Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL)

Technical assessor for Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Services (HOKLAS)

RABQSA International assessor


B.Sc. Chemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1984

M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1992


Paula Jackman

Environmental Chemist - Contaminant toxicity testing and toxicity test method development

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Toxicity test method development and determination of contaminants effects on organisms

  • Development of echinoderm embryo larval developmental sediment water contact assay
  • Determine the effects of contaminants on lobster larvae
  • Determine the effects of contaminants on sand shrimp
  • Establish a laboratory breeding colony of leopard frogs and conduct tests to determine the effects of contaminants on amphibians
  • Conduct testing and provide advice regarding Fisheries Act violations for Environmental Enforcement


Participate in toxicity test method development

Expert witness in toxicology and analytical chemistry to give opinioned evidence on the deleterious effects of substances

Conduct ISO17025:2005 laboratory assessments


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Brun, G.L., M. Bernier, R. Losier, K. Doe, P. Jackman and H.-B. Lee. 2006. Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Atlantic Canadian Sewage Treatment Plant Effluents and Receiving Waters, and Potential for Environmental Effects as Measured by Acute and Chronic Aquatic Toxicity. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 25(8):2163-2176.

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Denning, A., W.R. Ernst, G.R. Julien, K.G. Doe, A. Cook, M. Bernier, P. Jackman and C. Losier. 2004. An Assessment of Buffer Zone Effectiveness in Reducing Pesticide Runoff from Potato Fields in Prince Edward Island (2001-2002) Surveillance Report EPS-5-AR-04-05.

Kok-Leng Tay, Swee Joo the, Ken Doe, Ken Lee, and Paula Jackman. 2003. Histopathological and Histochemical Biomarker Responses to Baltic Clam, Macoma Baltica, to Contaminated Sydney Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. Environmental Health Perspectives. 111(3):273-280.

Ernst, W., P. Jackman, K. Doe, F. Page, G. Julien, K. Mackay and T. Sutherland. 2001. Dispersion and Toxicity to Non-target Aquatic Organisms of Pesticides Used to Treat Sea Lice on Salmon in Net Pen Enclosures. Marine Pollution Buletin. 42(6):433-444.

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Nature & Wildlife
     Effects of Toxics
          Methods development
          Pesticides and herbicides
     Wildlife Populations
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