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Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Visiting Scholar (2007-2011), Department of Environmental Science, University of Virginia

Killam Scholar


Dr. Daniel Wang

Research Scientist - Senior Project Scientist, Analysis and Air Quality Division

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Assessing risks to Canadians and their environment posed by pollutants or other harmful or dangerous substances; developing analytical methods and procedures for the measurement of toxic compounds in various environmental samples including air, stationary and mobile source emissions, other matrices and products

  • Management of VOC & OC/EC aerosol laboratories for the National Air Pollution Surveillance Network and other programs
  • Border Air Quality Study at Windsor, Ontario and Regina Air Quality Study in co-operation with Health Canada
  • Biogenic hydrocarbon production in response to land use change
  • Chemical processing of biogenic hydrocarbons within plant canopies
  • Biogenic hydrocarbons in an urban atmosphere


Developing and implementing novel analytical methods for the detection and quantitation of volatile organic pollutants in ambient air and other environmental matrices

Indoor air quality and vapour intrusion study

Biogenic hydrocarbon emission from plants research

Organic aerosol formation from the oxidation of biogenic hydrocarbons


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     Air Pollution & Quality
          Atmospheric chemistry
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