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M.Sc. Atmospheric Physics, University of Toronto

M.Sc. Climatology, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China


Qiong Zheng

Scientist - Acid Deposition Modelling

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Development of air quality models for the assessment of emission management approaches and forecasting

  • Development of sulphur and nitrogen species source-receptor matrices (SRMs) for North America using Lagrangian chemical transport models
  • Evaluation and comparison of air quality model predictions with measurements
  • Preparation of emission data sets for air quality models using the SMOKE emissions processing system


Generated new sulphur-species SRMs for 1990 for 40 emission regions and 200 receptors; results contributed to Chapter 4 of 2004 Canada Acid Deposition Science Assessment

Developed and evaluated a new Lagrangian chemical transport model named LIAM (Lagrangian Inorganic Aerosol Model) to model sulphur, oxidized nitrogen, and reduced nitrogen concentration and deposition.

Evaluated 2002 quarterly and annual performance of AURAMS, a regional particulate-matter chemical transport model, using measurements from all available Canadian and U.S. air-chemistry and precipitation-chemistry monitoring networks

Investigated aqueous-chemistry solver for aqueous-phase chemistry mechanism


Moran, M.D., Q. Zheng and R. Pavlovic. 2008. Predicted acid deposition critical-load exceedances across Canada from a one-year simulation with a regional particulate-matter model. In proceedings of the 15th Joint AMS/A&WMA Conference on Applications of Air Pollution Meteorology. American Meteorological Society, Boston.

Moran, M.D., Q. Zheng and M. Samaalil. 2007. Comprehensive surface-based performance evaluation of a size- and composition-resolved regional particulate-matter model for a one-year simulation. In proceedings of the 29th NATO/CCMS International Technology Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and Its Application. Aveiro, Portugal.

Moran, M.D. and Q. Zheng. 2006. Modelling long-term sulphur and nitrogen deposition using Lagrangian chemical transport models. In proceedings of the 14th Joint AMS/A&WMA Conf. on Applications of Air Pollution Meteorology. American Meteorological Society, Boston.

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