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B.Sc. (Hons.), Biology, Queen's University, 2001

M.Sc., Biology (specialization in Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology), University of Ottawa, 2005



Jonathan R. Hill

Chemical Evaluator in the Inorganics Unit of the Ecological Assessment Division

Fontaine Building (Gatineau, QC)

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to Environment Canada's mandate to ensure that risks to the environment posed by chemicals are assessed and managed

  • Develop ecological screening assessments, problem formulations and profiles for a variety of substances included in the Government of Canada's Challenge Program
  • Coordinator of a working group on pigment and dye chemicals
  • Coordinator of Environment Canada's external review process for Challenge substances
  • Provide expertise on the environmental toxicology and chemistry inorganic substances
  • Provide expertise on the estimation of natural background concentrations in fresh waters


External supervisor for undergraduate students from University of Ottawa working on a term project related to the risk assessment of metals

Reviewer for international OECD Screening Information Data Set (SIDS) Initial Assessment Reports


Lead evaluator for several chemicals assessed in Screening Assessment Reports (SARs) under the Government of Canada's Challenge Program, part of the Chemical Management Plan (2007 to present).  Draft and final SARs are available online.

Hill. J.R., N.J. O'Driscoll and D.R.S. Lean. 2009. Size distribution of methylmercury associated with dissolved organic matter in freshwaters.  Submitted.

Contributor to the "Protocol for the Derivation of Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life 2007" as a part of the CCME Water Quality Guidelines Protocol subgroup.

Contributor to the Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators Report in 2006 and 2007 as a member of the Water Quality Indicator Working Group.  Current and previous reports available online.

Siciliano, S.D., N.J. O’Driscoll, R. Torden, J.R. Hill, S. Beauchamp and D.R.S. Lean. 2005. Abiotic production of methylmercury by solar radiation in logged watersheds. Environmental Science and Technology.  39, 1071-1077.

Hickey, M.B., J.C. Gibson, J.R. Hill, J. Davidson, G.M. Richardson, J.J. Ridal, J. Holmes and D.R.S. Lean. 2005. Concentrations of mercury in fish consumed by wildlife:  a comparison between lakes from Ontario and Nova Scotia. (Chapter 15) In:  O’Driscoll, N.J.,  Rencz, A.N., and Lean, D.R.S. (editors). Mercury Cycling in a Wetland Dominated Ecosystem: A Multidisciplinary Study. SETAC Publishers.

Expertise Categories associated with this S&T Expert:

Environmental Policy
          Chemicals Management Plan
Nature & Wildlife
     Effects of Toxics
          Ecological risk assessment
          Heavy metals
     Water Quality
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