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Canadian co-chair of the IJC's Council of Great Lakes Research Managers

Canadian co-lead, Great Lakes Regional Research Information Network, GLRRIN

Co-chair, Federal-Provincial Lake Winnipeg Basin Committee


Environment Canada Citation of Excellence for environmental effects monitoring

Don Laberge Award for outstanding contribution to CAEAL


John Lawrence

Director - Aquatic Ecosystem Management Research Division

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Management of research & development for rehabilitation and conservation of water resources

  • Assessment of groundwater quality and remediation of contaminated groundwater
  • Methods and tools for the assessment and remediation of contaminated sediments
  • Nutrient enrichment and organic contaminants in large aquatic ecosystems and coastal areas
  • Integrated management of urban water supply, drainage, wastewater and receiving waters
  • Scientific knowledge, tools and models to better integrate water quality monitoring and research information for enhanced understanding and management


Research coordination and integration

Manuscript, research grant and agreement review

Standardization - chair of Canadian Advisory Committee for ISO TC147, Water Chemistry


Watson, S.B. and J. Lawrence. 2003. Drinking Water Quality and Sustainability. Water Qual. Res. J. Canada. 38(1):3-13.

Chambers, P., M. Allard, S. Walker, J. Marsalek, J. Lawrence, M. Servos, J. Busnarda, K. Munger, K. Adare, C. Jefferson, R. Kent and M. Wong. 1997. Impacts of Municipal Wastewater Effluents on Canadian Waters: A Review. Water Qual. Res. J. Canada. 32(4):659-713.

Lawrence, J. and K. Aspila. 1995. Quality Assurance for Environmental Monitoring. Water Qual. Res. J. Canada. 30(1):1-7.

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