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B.Sc. Zoology, University of Toronto, 2001


Monique de Jong

Environmental Monitoring Scientist - Water Quality Monitoring

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Conducting water quality monitoring in British Columbia and Yukon Territory as part of the Federal Water Quality Monitoring Program

  • Monitoring and reporting of water quality status and trends in British Columbia and Yukon Territory to address federal mandates and concerns
  • Ensure that water quality monitoring is conducted in a safe and quality-assured manner in order to provide high quality data for status and trend reporting
  • Collaborating with partners and other regions for national reporting purposes


Fluegel, M, S. Sylvestre, T. Tuominen, M. Sekela, and G. Moyle. 2004. The effects of non-point source pollution on small urban and agricultural streams - Data Report. Environment Canada, Vancouver, BC. EC/GB/04/77.

Sylvestre, S., M. Fluegel, and T. Tuominen 2005. Benthic Invertebrate Assessment of Streams in the Georgia Basin using the Reference Condition Approach: Expansion of the Fraser River Invertebrate Monitoring Program 1998-2002. Environment Canada, Vancouver BC. EC/GB/04/81 194 p.

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          Water quality
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