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SCC/ISO Advisory Board , Inorganic Methods


B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Waterloo


Gino Sardella

Head - Inorganic Analysis Laboratory

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Develop and deliver chemical analytical services to Environment Canada Monitoring and Surveillance and Research Programs

  • Development of analytical methods for the analysis of inorganic parameters in the environment
  • Improving laboratory efficiency by investigation of new analytical technologies and the use of robotics
  • Investigating approaches that incorporate techniques that avoid sample contamination in the analysis of "low level" analytes
  • Improving data quality by incorporating intensive standard operating procedures meeting ISO/IEC 17025 standards


30 years experience in the analysis of inorganic parameters in surface waters, sediment and aquatic biota

Managed development of methodology for the analysis of nutrients and ions in surface waters

Developed methods for the analysis metals in surface waters, sediment and biota, using microwave extractions and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry

Provided advise to Environment Canada programs on analysis of metals in the environment


Marvin, C., M. Charlton, J. Milne, L. Thiessen, J. Schachtschneider, G. Sardella and E. Sverko. 2007. Metals Associated with Suspended Sediments in Lake Erie and Ontario, 2000-2002. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Journal. 130(1-3):149-161.

McCrea, R., N. Madsen, R. Reid, G. Lawson, G. Sardella and M.L. Archer. 2004. Whole-Water Sampling Techniques for the Determination of Trace Mercury and Trace Metal Concentrations that Do Not Require IN-Field Clean -Room Facilities. State of the Strait, 2004, Conference Report, Detroit River Ecosystem.

Muir, D., G. Kock, D. Bright, J. Reist, S. Backus, G. Sardella and X. Wang. 2002. Temperature Induced Metal Accumulation and Stress Responses in Fish from Canadian Arctic Lakes. SETAC Europe, 12th Annual Meeting , Challenges in Environmental Risk Assessment and Modeling: Linking Basic and Applied Research", 12-16. May, Vienna, Austria.

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Environmental Policy
     Regulation & Enforcement
Pollution & Waste
          Chemistry - inorganic
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