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Council member of the Hydrotechnical Division, Canadian Society of Civil Engineering.

Member of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering.

Associate Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Guelph.


Canadian Society of Civil Engineering's Camille A Degenais award for outstanding contribution to the development and practice of Hydrotechnical Engineering in Canada.

Keefer medals for best paper in the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering in 1982 and 1985.


Bommanna G. Krishnappan

Research Scientist Emeritus - Source identification and transport characteristics of sediments in aquatic ecosystems

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure water is conserved and protected

  • Modelling and measurement of cohesive sediment transport processes in aquatic ecosystems
  • Stability of contaminated sediment deposits in areas of concern
  • Source tracking of sediment using radionuclides as tracers
  • Sediment transport modelling in St. Clair River in support of IJC's Upper Great Lakes Study
  • Entrapment of fine sediment in coarse sediment substrate


Organised a symposium on sediment transport to honour Professor Yalin, a world renowned expert in that field

Member of the advisory committee to the Department of Civil Engineering of Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto

Joint supervisor of the theses of 3 Ph.D. and 1 M.Sc. students at Ecole Polytechnique Federale du Lausanne in Switzerland

Member of a study team for the International Joint Commission's Upper Great Lakes Study Board


Krishnappan, B.G. 2007. Recent advances in basic and applied research in cohesive sediment transport in aquatic systems. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. 34: 731-743.

Krishnappan, B.G., I.G. Droppo, N. Madsen and R. Stephens. 2007. Erosional stability of sediment deposits in Hamilton Harbour, Canada. Proceedings of the 32nd Congress of the IAHR (International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research), held in Venice during July, 2007.

Krishnappan, B.G. and P. Engel. 2006. Entrapment of fines in coarse sediment beds. River Flow, p. 817-824. In Ferreira, Alves, Leal and Cardoso (ed.), Tailor and Francis Group, London.

Krishnappan, B.G. and Altinakar, M.S. 2005. Chapter 139: Numerical modelling of unsteady flows in Rivers p. 2129-2148. In M.G. Anderson and J.J. McDonnell (ed.), Encyclopaedia of Hydrological Sciences. John Wiley and Sons, Sussex, England.

Krishnappan, B.G., J. Marsalek, R.P. Stephens, Q. Rochfort, K. Exall and P. Seto. 2004. A water elutriation apparatus for measuring settling velocity distribution of suspended solids in combine sewer overflows. Water Quality Research Journal of Canada. 39(4):432-438.

Krishnappan, B.G. and P.E. Engel. 2004. Distribution of bed shear stress in a rotating circular flume. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE. 130(4):324-331.

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