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Canadian Meteorological and Oceonographic Society

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


M.Sc. (Meteorology) McGill, Montreal, Quebec

B.Sc. (Meteorology) McGill, Montreal, Quebec


Alister Ling

Senior Aviation Meteorologist - R&D in aviation meteorology forecast products

National laboratory for Aviation Meteorology - Canadian Meteorological Aviation Centre (Edmonton, AB)

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Providing more accurate, more relevant, and timelier forecasts in order increase the safety and efficiency of aviation operations

  • Use regime-based performance to create confidence metrics for algorithms under the current and near future weather situations
  • Identifying when change will happen - the failure point of persistence, using regime-based information
  • Increase focus on airport hubs by automating "easy" terminal forecasts
  • Develop prototype graphical products for forecasters and dispatchers to improve decision making
  • Develop prototype probabilistic guidance aerodrome products for forecasters and dispatchers
  • Collaborate on the aviation layer of the software for the Forecaster Workstation
  • Develop prototype forecaster intervention module for efficient aerodrome forecast production


Using climatology and other tools to aid in forecasting ceiling and visibility parameters at airports

Regime-based performance

Display and use of probabilistic information


Hansen, B., I. Gultepe and A. Ling. Update on WIND-3: an analog forecasting system for ceiling and visibility.

Isaac, G., M. Bailey, F. Boudala, S. Cober, N. Donaldson, S. Gravel, I. Gultepe, D. Hudak, A. Ling, P. Joe, J. Reid, G. Simard and Z. Vukovic. 2008. Canadian Airport Nowcasting project (CAN-Now): first results and plans for future. 13th Conference on Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Weather & Meteorology
          Atmospheric circulation
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