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M.Sc. Biology (Chemical and Environmental Toxicology), University of Ottawa, 2012

B.Sc. (Hons.) Biochemistry, University of Ottawa, 2009


Cristina Cassone

Research Scientist - Molecular Toxicology Research

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Effects of perfluoroalkyl acids on in ovo toxicity and gene expression in the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)

  • Toxicogenomics – Use of in vitro (cell culture) and in ovo (egg injection) approaches to determine the effects of priority environmental contaminants (e.g., perfluorinated compounds) on gene expression in avian species
  • Identify novel mechanisms of action of priority chemicals (e.g., thyroid hormone disruption)
  • Use of molecular technique (e.g., microarray and PCR technologies) to identify novel mechanistic modes of action of perfluorinated compounds


Cassone, C.G., Taylor, J.J., O'Brien, J.M., Williams, A., Yauk, C.L., Crump, D., Kennedy, S.W. (2012). Transcriptional profiles in the cerebral cortex of chicken embryos following in ovo perfluorohexane sulfonate exposure. Toxicol. Sci. (in press).

Cassone, C.G., Vongphachan, V., Chiu, S., Williams, K.L., Letcher, R.J., Pelletier, E., Crump, D., Kennedy, S.W. (2012). In ovo effects of perfluorohexane sulfonate and perfluorohexanoate on pipping success, development, mRNA expression and thyroid hormone levels in chicken embryos. Toxicol. Sci. 127(1), 216-224.

Egloff, C., Crump, D., Chiu, S., Manning, G., MacLaren, K.K., Cassone, C.G., Letcher, R.J., Gauthier, L.T., Kennedy, S.W. (2011). In vitro and in ovo effects of four brominated flame retardants on toxicity and hepatic mRNA expression in chicken embryos. Toxicol. Lett. 207(1), 25-33.

Vongphachan, V., Cassone, C.G., Wu. D., Chiu, S., Crump, D., Kennedy, S.W. (2011). Effects of perfluoroalkyl compounds on mRNA expression levels of thyroid hormone-responsive genes in primary cultures of avian neuronal cells. Toxicol. Sci. 120(2), 392-402.

Lei, J.X., Cassone, C.G., Luebbert C., Liu. Q.L. (2011). A novel neuron-enriched protein SDIM1 is down regulated in Alzheimer's brains and attenuates cell death induced by DNAJB4 over-expression in neuro-progenitor cells. Mol. Neurodegener. 6(1), 9-25.

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Nature & Wildlife
     Effects of Toxics
          Chemical and biological analysis
          Endocrine disruption
          Genomics techniques
          Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
          Sub-organismal level (cellular, molecular)
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