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North American representative, Scientific Council of Afrique Nature International, a non-governmental organization that works to protect and foster the sustainable development of plant life, wildlife and the natural environment in Africa


Tribute from the Chair of the Canadian Section of the International Joint Commission in appreciation of research conducted during the International Lake Ontario–St. Lawrence River Study (2004)

Tribute from Environment Canada's Assistant Deputy Minister, Atmospheric Environment Service, in recognition of contributions to the national R&D program that led to the Canada–U.S. Agreement on Air Quality (1992)


Jean-Luc DesGranges, Ph.D.

Scientific Researcher - Biodiversity Specialist

Canadian Wildlife Service Office (Sainte-Foy, Quebec)

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contribution to meeting Environment Canada's mandate to guarantee the conservation and protection of wild species

  • Interdisciplinary research on impacts such as pollution (climate warming contaminants, pesticide and acid rain) and natural resource development (forestry, agriculture and fisheries) on ecosystem integrity (biodiversity) and the health of wildlife (waterfowl) caused by human activities
  • Assessment of the vulnerability of breeding birds to climate extremes
  • Characterization of the general biodiversity of a major river (the St. Lawrence)
  • Modelling of water-level effects on aquatic and palustrine birds in the Lake Ontario / St. Lawrence River system
  • Development of an expert satellite imaging system permitting the characterization of the richness of bird life in terrestrial and palustrine environments in southern Québec, leading to decision-making tools now used to promote sustainable development in Canada


Co-direction of graduate ornithology students at a number of Québec universities

Examiner for research grant applications

Reviewer of scientific journal articles


DesGranges, J.-L., J. Ingram, B. Drolet, C. Savage, J. Morin and D. Borcard. 2006. Modelling wetland bird response to water level changes in the Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River hydrosystem. (Special Issue: Canada’s Ecosystem Initiatives). Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 113: 329-365. [DOI: 10.1007/s10661-005-9087-3]

DesGranges, J.-L. et A. Desrosiers. 2006. Breeding distribution and population trends of the Great Blue Heron in Quebec, 1977-2001. Publications, Occasional Paper No. 113, 28 p., Canadian Wildlife Service.

DesGranges, J.-L. et B. Jobin. 2003. Knowing, mapping and understanding St. Lawrence biodiversity: an example with birds. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 88:177-192.

DesGranges, J.L., J. Rodrigue, B. Tardif et M. Laperle. 1998. Mercury accumulation and biomagnification in Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) in the James Bay and Hudson Bay regions of Quebec. Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 35:330-341.

DesGranges, J.L. and C. Gagnon. 1994. Duckling response to changes in trophic web of acidified lakes. Hydrobiologia 279/280:207-221.

DesGranges, J.L. and M. Darveau. 1985. Effect of lake acidity and morphometry on the distribution of aquatic birds in Southern Québec. Holarctic Ecology 8: 181-190.

Expertise Categories associated with this S&T Expert:

Nature & Wildlife
          Agricultural impacts
          Climate change impacts
          Human impacts
          Urban ecosystems
     Effects of Toxics
          Pesticides and herbicides
     Wildlife Populations
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