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Member of the American Geophysical Union


Ph.D. Atmospheric Physics, University of Toronto, 1990

M.Sc. Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986

B.Sc. (Hons.) Meteorology, McGill University, 1980


Godelieve Deblonde

Research Manager - Data Assimilation and Satellite Meteorology Research Section

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Using atmospheric observations to improve numerical weather and environmental prediction through data assimilation

  • Data assimilation of passive microwave imager radiances in rainy situations. Currently at the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC), passive microwave radiances are only assimilated in clear-skies
  • Data assimilation of GPS radio-occultation observation, particularly in view of the COSMIC mission (constellation of six satellites launched in April 2006) and its expected impact on temperature forecasts in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere regions
  • Data assimilation of Zenith Tropospheric Delay observations from ground-based GPS meteorological networks in relation to improvements of moisture and precipitation forecasts over land
  • Data Assimilation of satellite observations containing information on soil moisture for use in the Canadian Land Data Assimilation system (CaLDAS)


Member of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Space and Atmospheric Environment Advisory Committee SAEAC (since 2004), meeting twice yearly

EC Atmospheric Science & Technology Manager for the Polar Communications and Weather satellite project

Member of the surface emissivity subgroup of the International A/TOVS Working Group –ITWG. ITWG is a sub-group of the Radiation Commission of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS)

Under the EUMETSAT/Canada cooperation agreement, point of contact (PoC) for research and product. CSA GRIP (Government Related Initiatives Program) project manager and PoC for MRD


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Weather & Meteorology
     Atmospheric Modelling
          Numeric modelling
          Radiative transfer
          Remote sensing
          Radiative transfer
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