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Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Member of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

Member of the American Geophysical Union


B.Sc., M.Sc. Engineering, University of Alberta; Ph.D. Dartmouth College (USA)

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society National Tour Speaker (1999)

American Geophysical Union Editors' Citation for Excellence in Reviewing, JGR-Oceans (1995 and 2000)


Gregory M. Flato

Manager and Research Scientist - Oversees development of Environment Canada's global and regional earth system models, and their application to historical climate simulation, seasonal to interannual climate prediction, and long-term climate projection

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Development and application of global and regional climate models; development of sea-ice models for climate and operational forecast applications

  • Use of global climate models to make quantitative projections of future climate change
  • Evaluation of global and regional climate models
  • Development of sea-ice models for use in climate change simulations and operational forecasting
  • Application of global climate models in seasonal climate prediction


Chair of the World Climate Research Programme's Climate and Cryosphere project.

Coordinating Lead Author of Chapter 9 "Evaluation of Clilmate Models" in the Working Group 1 contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report, 2013.

Lead Author of Chapter 4 "Changes in Snow, Ice and Frozen Ground" in the Working Group 1 contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Report, 2007.


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