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Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, Carleton University & Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, University of Saskatchewan.

Past member, Selection Committee for NSERC Discovery Grants in Ecology and Evolution

Ad Hoc Member, Scientific Advisory Panels for Food Quality Protection Act Science Review Board (Reporting to the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on pesticide matters)

Member, Editorial Board for Biomarkers, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, and the Open Agriculture Journal


Ph.D., Queens University (Kingston, ON)

Environment Canada Year End Award

Environment Canada Citations of Excellence (2)

Past recognition as 'Champion of Nature' by the Canadian Geographic Society


Pierre Mineau

Senior Research Scientist - Research in pesticide ecotoxicology

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contribute to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure wildlife is conserved and protected / Contribute to the advancement of sound risk assessment methodology

  • Document and investigate conflicts between wildlife and agriculture with emphasis on pest control strategies; study wildlife in conditions of high pesticide exposure
  • Model bird losses to pesticide use and develop new assessment tools and approaches
  • Measure the environmental footprint of pesticide use; develop assessment tools and indicators of environmental sustainability
  • Advance the science of ecological risk assessment
  • Work on the conservation of declining farmland bird species


Part of expert working group under the European Food Safety Authority for the revision of European guidance on the assessment of pesticide risk to birds and mammals

Development of Agricultural Standards under the National Agro-Environmental Standards Initiative / Application of the pesticide impact assessment tools to Integrated Pest Management initiatives domestically and abroad

NSERC-funded research and graduate supervision (through adjunctship in the Biology Department at Carleton University) on the importance of the invertebrate food supply to the breeding success of songbirds in agricultural field edges

International collaborations on assessments of major pesticide use programs (e.g., African Sahel region, Argentine pampas, Australian locust control)


Mineau, P., T. Dawson, M. Whiteside, C. Morrison, K. Harding, L. Singh, T. Längle and D.A.R. McQueen. 2009. Environmental Risk-based Standards for Pesticide Use in Canada. National Agri-Environmental Standards Initiative Synthesis Report No. 7. Environment Canada,Gatineau, Québec, 94 pp.

Mineau, P. and M. Whiteside. 2006. Lethal risk to birds from insecticide use in the United States – A spatial and temporal analysis. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 25(5):1214-1222.

Mineau, P. 2005. A review and analysis of study endpoints relevant to the assessment of ‘long term’ pesticide toxicity in avian and mammalian wildlife. Ecotoxicology 14(8):775-799.

Mineau, P., C.M. Downes, D.A. Kirk, E. Bayne and M. Csizy. 2005. Patterns of bird species abundance in relation to granular insecticide use in the Canadian prairies. Ecoscience 12(2):267-278.

Knopper, L.D., P. Mineau, J.P. McNamee and D.R.S. Lean. 2005. Use of comet and micronucleus assays to measure genotoxicity in meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus) living in golf course ecosystems exposed to pesticides. Ecotoxicology 14(3): 323-335.

Mineau, P. and L. Brownlee. 2005. Road salts and birds: an assessment of the risk with particular emphasis on winter finch mortality. Wildlife Society Bulletin 33(3): 835-841.

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Nature & Wildlife
     Effects of Toxics
          Pesticides and herbicides
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