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  • Knowledge Translation and Brokering: Building Awareness through Dialogue

    Connecting science to policy is an essential function of any science-based organization seeking to ensure a meaningful impact on policies, decisions and programs. Many Canadian science-based federal departments and agencies generate or transfer scientific information as a key component of their mandate.

    (Published date:2011-11-15)
  • Effectively Bridging the Gap: The Case for Science-Policy Workshops

    There is little debate that program management and policy making is most effective when informed by science. Nevertheless, there often remains a divide between science producers and science users, such as program managers and policy makers. Potential remedies for bridging the divide are frequently documented, but rarely put into action.

    (Published date:2010-06-18)
  • Environmental Data

    Environment Canada’s Science and Technology generates large collections of data, useful to S&T professionals working in many disciplines including wildlife, biodiversity, water, air, soil, climate, pollution, environmental prediction and environmental technologies. Access to Environment Canada and some other data sets is made available here to S&T users.

    (Published date:2010-06-01)
  • Atmospheric Science

    Environment Canada is a key Canadian focal point for the advancement of atmospheric science, providing the research needed to improve Canada's air quality, respond to climate change and increase the accuracy of weather forecasts.

    (Published date:2010-05-28)
  • Science and Technology Programs

    Environment Canada oversees several key programs that advance innovative environmental technologies. These programs provide advice and services to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), independent verification of environmental performance claims, and in some cases, funds to technology developers.

    (Published date:2010-05-26)
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