Strategic Technology Applications of Genomics in the Environment (STAGE)

Environment Canada manages the Strategic Technology Applications of Genomics in the Environment (STAGE) program. STAGE is part of the federal Genomics Research and Development Initiative (GRDI) led by the National Research Council.

Genomics is an area of biotechnology that aims to decipher, understand and make use of the genetic information contained within organisms. Genome sciences include efforts to understand the function and structure of genes, proteins, and cellular metabolites. Although a relatively new field, genomics is widely recognized as central to all future biological and biotechnology research. Genomics is expected to provide the essential science base for a wide range of biotechnology applications in health, environment, agriculture, and natural resources management.

The original objective of the STAGE program was to build internal capacity in areas related to development of genomic-based detection, assessment, and monitoring techniques, as well as to make collaborative linkages with academia, industry, provincial governments, and other federal departments. Moving forward, the groundwork laid by the original objectives of STAGE will assist Environment Canada in meeting the Department’s obligations in areas such as compliance and enforcement, wildlife management, sustainability, pollution prevention, and regulation of new and existing substances.

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