Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

Environmental Technology Verification Program logoEnvironment Canada (EC) manages Canada’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program. The Program offers independent validation of environmental performance claims for innovative technologies, processes, and products. The ETV process is based on sound science, high-quality data, and recognized protocols.

Key Benefits of ETV:

  • Enhanced credibility and acceptance of verified environmental technologies, both nationally and internationally
  • Reduced risk for buyers and end users when investing in new and innovative environmental technologies
  • Faster and more widespread adoption of technologies to help solve environmental challenges
  • Access to an information sharing network of environmental technology experts, vendors, and end users
  • Development of performance criteria and testing procedures for innovative technologies with the engagement of technology experts, industry, and government

ETV Technology at work | Photo: Getty ImagesOnce the environmental performance claim is successfully verified, the ETV Program:

  1. Issues a Verification Certificate with recognition from the Government of Canada
  2. Generates a Technology Fact Sheet
  3. Produces a detailed Verification Report
  4. Highlights the technology online at ETV's website
  5. Licences the vendor to use the ETV Verified Logo on their claim
  6. Provides guidance for future development and commercialization

The program is delivered through a licence agreement between Environment Canada and ETV Canada.

International Recognition and Cooperation

“Verify once, accept everywhere”

Canada is a member of the ETV International Working Group (IWG), along with the United States, the European Union, and the Philippines. The IWG is working towards international recognition to ensure that a technology verified in one member country will be accepted as verified in other member countries.

International Recognition:

  • Facilitates recognition of environmental technologies and their capabilities across jurisdictions
  • Fosters mutual recognition of verification certificates and accreditation of verification entities
  • Enables sharing of test methods and protocols

For more information about the ETV Program, please contact: Benoit Desforges, Horizontal Programs, (819) 934-4220

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