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Climate Research Publications

List of climate research publications for 2008 and 2009.

Climate Modelling and Analysis

2009 Publications

Arora, V. K., G. J. Boer, J. R. Christian, C. L. Curry, K. L. Denman, K. Zahariev, G. M. Flato, J. F. Scinocca, W. J. Merryfield, W. G. Lee (2009), The effect of terrestrial photosynthesis down-regulation on the 20th century carbon budget simulated with the CCCma Earth System Model, J. Clim., 22 (22), 6066-6088.

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Boer, G.J. (2009), Changes in interannual variability and decadal potential predictability under global warming, J of Climate 22, 3098-3109.

Boer, G.J. (2009). Decadal potential predictability of 21st century climate, Climate Dynamics, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-010-0747-9.

Bruckner, T., K. Zickfeld (2009), Emissions corridors for reducing the risk of a collapse of the Atlantic thermohaline circulation, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies of Global Change 14, 61-83, doi:10.1007/s11027-008-9150-9.

Buhler, O., A. Hasha, J. Scinocca (2009), Reply. J. Atmos. Sci. 66, 2153.

Cagnazzo, C., E. Manzini, N. Calvo, A. Douglass, H. Akiyoshi, S. Bekki, M. Chipperfield, M. Dameris, M. Deushi, A. M. Fischer, H. Garny, A. Gettelman, M. A. Giorgetta, D. Plummer, E. Rozanov, T. G. Shepherd, K. Shibata, A. Stenke, H. Struthers and W. Tian (2009), Northern winter stratospheric temperature and ozone response to ENSO inferred from and ensemble of Chemistry Climate Models, Atmos. Chem. Phys.9, 8935-8948.

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Eby, M., K. Zickfeld, A. Montenegro, D. Archer, K.J. Meissner, A.J. Weaver (2009), Lifetime of anthropogenic climate change: Millennial Time Scales of Potential CO2 and Surface Temperature Perturbations, J. Climate 22, 2501-2511, doi:10.1175/2008JCLI2554.1.

Gettelman, A., T. Birner, V. Eyring, H. Akiyoshi, S. Bekki, C. Brühl, M. Dameris, D. E. Kinnison, F. Lefevre, F. Lott, E. Mancini, G. Pitari, D. A. Plummer, E. Rozanov, K. Shibata, A. Stenke, H. Struthers, W. Tian (2009), The tropical tropopause layer 1960-2100, Atmos. Chem. Phys. 9, 1621-1637.

Jones, P.J., et al. (2009), High-resolution paleoclimatology of the last millennium: a review of current status and future prospects, The Holocene 19, 3-49, doi: 10.1177/0959683608098952.

Kharin, V. V., Q. Teng, F. W. Zwiers, G. J. Boer, J. Derome, J. S. Fontecilla (2009), Skill assessment of seasonal hindcasts from the Canadian Historical Forecast Project, Atmosphere-Ocean 47, 204-203.

Kuhlbrodt, T., S. Rahmstorf, K. Zickfeld, F.B. Vikebo, S. Sundby, M. Hofmann, P.M. Link, A. Bondeau, W. Cramer, C. Jaeger (2009), An Integrated Assessment of Changes in the Thermohaline Circulation, Climatic Change 96, 489-537, doi:10.1007/s10584-009-9561-y.

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Merryfield, W. J., B. Pal, M. G. G. Foreman (2009), Projected future changes in surface marine winds off the west coast of Canada, Journal of Geophysical Research114, C06008, doi:10.1029/2008JC005123.

Min, S.-K., X. Zhang, F. W. Zwiers, P. Friederichs, A. Hense (2009) Signal detectability in extreme precipitation changes assessed from twentieth century climate simulations, Climate Dynamics 32, 95-111, doi:10.1007/s00382-008-0376-8.

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Shaw, T.A., M. Sigmond, T.G. Shepherd, J.F. Scinocca (2009), Spurious sensitivity of a general circulation model to model lid height due to conservation of angular momentum, J. Clim. 22, 2726-2742.

Son, S-W., L. M. Polvani, D. W. Waugh, T. Birner, H. Akiyoshi, R. Garcia, A Gettleman, D. A. Plummer, E. Rozanov (2009), The impact of stratospheric ozone recovery on tropopause height trends, J. Climate 22, 429-445.

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Stockdale, T., O. Alves, G.J. Boer, et al.(2009), Understanding and predicting seasonal to interannual climate variability, World Climate Conference-3 (WCC3), White Paper, Published in the open-access online Conference Proceedings.

Tourpali, K., A. F. Bais, A. Kazantzidis, C. S. Zerefos, D. A. Plummer, J. F. Scinocca et al. (2009), Clear sky UV simulations in the 21st Century based on ozone and temperature projections from chemistry-climate models, Atmos. Chem. Phys. 9, 1165-1172.

Yu, B., G. J. Boer, F. W. Zwiers, W. J. Merryfield (2009), Covariability of SST and surface heat fluxes in reanalyses and CMIP3 climate models, Climate Dynamicsdoi:10.1007/s00382-009-0669-6.

Zickfeld, K., M. Eby, H.D. Matthews, A.J. Weaver (2009), Setting cumulative emissions targets to reduce the risk of dangerous climate change, PNAS 106 (38), 16129-16134, doi:10.1073/pnas.0805800106.

Zwiers, F., X. Zhang (2009), Guidelines on ‘Analysis of extremes in a changing climate in support of informed decisions for adaptation’, World Meteorological Organization, WCDMP-No. 72.

2008 Publications

Boer, G.J., V. Arora (2008), Temperature and Concentration Feedbacks in the Carbon Cycle, GRL 36, L02704, doi:10.1029/2008GL036220.

Denman, K.L. (2008), Climate change, ocean processes, and iron fertilization, Marine Ecology Progress Series 364, 219-225.

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de Elia, R., D. Caya, H. Côté, A. Frigon, S. Biner, M. Giguère, D. Paquin, R. Harvey, D.A. Plummer (2008), Evaluation of uncertainties in the CRCM-simulated North American climate, Climate Dynamics 30, 113-132.

Gettelman, A., T. Birner, V. Eyring, H. Akiyoshi, D. A. Plummer, M. Dameris, S. Bekki, F. Lefevre, F. Lott, C. Bruhl, K. Shibata, E. Rozanov, E. Mancini, G. Pitari, H. Struthers, W. Tian and D. E. Kinnison (2008), The tropical tropopause layer 1960-2100, Atmospheric Chemistry Physics Discussion 8, 1367-1413.

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Jones, P.J., F.W. Zwiers et al. (2008) High resolution paleoclimatology of the last millennium: a review of the current status and future prospects, The Holocene 19, 3-49, doi:10.1177/0959683608098952.

Khouider, B., A. H. Monahan, N. A. McFarlane, J. F. Scinocca, K. Von Salzen (2008), Tropical Multiscale Convective Systems: Theory, Modeling, and Observations,  Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., DOI: 10.1175/2008BAMS2565.1. 

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Zwiers, F.W., G.C. Hegerl (2008), Climate change: attributing cause and effect, Nature 453, 296-297.

Climate Monitoring and Data Analysis

2009 Publications

Lalbeharry, R., R. Bigio, B. R. Thomas, L. Wilson (2009), Numerical Simulation of Extreme Waves During the Storm of 20-22 January 2000 Using Winds Generated by the CMC Weather Prediction Model; Atmosphere-Ocean; no LTP; 47 (1), 99–122, doi:10.3137/OC292.2009.

Peterson, T.C. and M.O. Baringer, Eds. (2009) State of the Climate in 2008, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. 90, S1-S196.

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Vincent, L., E. Milewska, R. Hopkinson, L. Malone (2009), Bias in minimum temperature introduced by a redefinition of the climatological day at the Canadian synoptic station, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 48, 2160-2168, DOI: 10.1175/2009JAMC2191.1.

Zhou, L., R. Dickinson, P. Dirmeyer, A. Dai, S.-K. Min (2009), Spatiotemporal patterns of changes in maximum and minimum temperatures in multi-model simulations, GRL 36, L02702, doi:10.1029/2008GL036141.

Wang, X. L., V. R. Swail, F. W. Zwiers, X. Zhang, Y. Feng (2009), Detection of External Influence on Trends of Atmospheric Storminess and Northern Oceans Wave Heights, Climate Dynamics 32, 189-203, DOI 10.1007/s00382-008-0442-2.

Wang, X, L., F. W. Zwiers, V. R. Swail, Y. Feng (2009), Trends and Variability of Storminess in the Northeast Atlantic Region, 1874-2007, Climate Dynamics 33 (7), 1179-1195. DOI 10.1007/s00382-008--504-5.

Wang, X. L., V. R. Swail, A. Cox (2009), Dynamical versus Statistical Downscaling Methods for Ocean Wave Heights, IJC 29, DOI: 10.1002/joc.1899.

Wang, X. (2008), Accounting for autocorrelation in detecting mean-shifts in climate data series using the penalized maximal t or F test, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 47, 2423-2444, DOI: 10.1175/2008JAMC1741.1.

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2008 Publications

Beaulieu, C., O. Seidou, T.B.M.J. Ouarda,X. Zhang, G. Boulet, A. Yagouti (2008), Intercomparison of homogenization techniques for precipitation data, Water Resources Research, doi:10.1029/2006WR005615.

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Hutchinson, M. F., D. W. McKenney, K. Lawrence, J. H. Pedlar, R. F. Hopkinson, E.  Milewska, Pia Papadopol (2008), Development and testing of Canada-wide interpolated spatial models of daily minimum/maximum temperature and precipitation for 1961-2003, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, DOI: 10.1175/2008JAMC1979.1.

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Cold Climate Processes and Cryosphere

2009 Publications

Essery, R., N. Rutter, J. Pomeroy, A. Barr, P. Bartlett et al. (2009), SnowMIP 2 – An evaluation of forest snow process simulations,  Bulletin of the AMS; doi: 10.1175/2009BAMS2629.

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Rutter, N. R. Essery, J. Pomeroy, A. Barr, A., P. Bartlett, E. Thompson, et al. (2009), Evaluation of forest snow process models (SnowMIP2), JGR-Atmospheres114, doi: 10.1029/2008JD011063.

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Vage, K., R. Pickart, V. Thierry, G. Reverdin, C. M. Lee, B. Petrie, T. A. Agnew, A. Wong, M. H. Ribergaard (2009), Surprising return of deep convection to the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean in winter 2007-2008, Nature Geoscience 2, 67- 72.

Zhang Q, EM Middleton, HA Margolis, GG Drolet, AG Barr, TA Black (2009), Can a satellite-derived estimate of the fraction of PAR absorbed by chlorophyll (FAPARchl) improve predictions of light-use efficiency and ecosystem photosynthesis for a boreal aspen forest?, Remote Sensing of Environment 113, 880–888.

2008 Publications

Agnew, T.,  A. Lambe, D. Long (2008), Estimating sea-ice area flux across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago using enhanced AMSR-E imagery,  J. of Geophysical Res. 113, doi: 10.1029/2007JC004582 .

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Greenhouse Gases and Aerosols

2009 Publications

Ingeborg Levin, Tobias Naegler, Bernd Kromer, Moritz Diehl, Roger J. Francey, Angel J. Gormez-Pelaez, L. Paul Steele, Dietmar Wagenbach, Rolf Weller and Douglas E. Worthy; Observations and modelling of the global distribution and long-term trend of atmospheric 14CO2; Tellus B Volume 62 Issue 1, Pages 26 – 46  Published Online: 26 Oct 2009.

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Schuh, A.E., Denning, A.S., Corbin, K.D., Baker, I.T., Uliasz, M., Parazoo, N., Andrews, A.E., Worthy, D.E.J. A regional high-resolution carbon flux inversion of North America for 2004 ; Biogeosciences Discussions 6 (6), pp. 10195-10241 (2009).

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