Cleveland(Craig Site) - Lake Erie

Urban Site, Satellite Station on Lake Erie

This site, known as Craig Site, is run by the city of Cleveland. It is at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Broadway and is approximately 1.5 miles away from the Lake and within half a mile from the downtown area. Cleveland Brown Stadium and Jacob's field (Home of Cleveland Indians) are close to this site, where many activities take place. This site is surrounded by industrial area.

Latitude/Longitude :
41°29'31.7"N / 81°40'42.7"W
Elevation :
204 meters above sea level
In operation since :
December 20, 2002
Lead agency :
Cleveland Department of Public Health, Division of Environment
IADN equipment at the site :
One HiVol air sampler, 1 MIC precipitation sampler, 1 Dual Temperature Chart Recorder

Cleveland Sampling Station
Cleveland Sampling Station

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