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CABIN Science Team

A science and technical advisory group, known as the CABIN Science Team (ST) was assembled in 2010 to provide consultation and advice on key science issues identified by users. Membership includes representatives of the EC CABIN National Team and external scientists.

Science Team Updates:

  • The CABIN Science Team met in February 2014 to review several new models for upload to CABIN as well as to provide guidance about required model documentation for use by CABIN Data Analysts.
  • A modelling workshop was held in November 2013 with scientists from the CABIN Science Team and invited experts to develop a strategy to accelerate the development and implementation of freshwater biomonitoring models at a national scale within Canada.

CABIN ST members:

  • Nancy Glozier, Co-chair, SK
  • Dr. Donald Baird, Co-chair, NB
  • Sheena Pappas, Secretariat, BC
  • Dr. Lee Grapentine, Environment Canada, ON
  • Dr. Joseph Culp, Environment Canada, NB
  • Stephanie Strachan, Environment Canada, BC
  • Dr. Bob Bailey, Cape Breton University, NS
  • Dr. Jan Ciborowski, University of Windsor, ON
  • Dr. Trefor Reynoldson, GHOST Consulting, NS
  • Dr. Garry Scrimgeour, Parks Canada, AB
  • Jason Duffe, Environment Canada, ON
  • Dr. Simon Courtenay, Fisheries and Oceans, NB
  • Dr. Laura Rempel, Fisheries and Oceans, BC