Banding Data Submission

The Bird Banding Office now requests that banders submit their banding data using the customized Bandit software. Bandit is available at no charge to all permit holders and can be downloaded along with the reference guide on the United States Bird Banding Laboratory website.

A banding permit obliges banders to submit basic banding data to the Bird Banding Office. The Banding Program is dependant on banders for the prompt submission of banding data in order to reply to individuals reporting band encounters. Banding data must be submitted at least once per year. All banding data for gamebirds should be submitted prior to the opening of the hunting season and any banding data for species at risk should be submitted within 45 days

If an encounter is reported for a bird where the banding data is not on file, the bander will be contacted and the data requested for immediate submission. Banding data must be submitted before permits are renewed.

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