Station Permit

A station permit is generally issued to a university, bird observatory, government department, or other organization. A station permit recognizes that there are a variety of banding projects being undertaken at one time by a variety of people (subpermit holders). For a station permit the organization must designate a "responsible individual," who performs the same role as a master permit holder.

Image of an owlIf you wish to apply for a station permit you must:

  • Complete the Bird Banding Permit Application (PDF; 25 Kb).
  • Provide a detailed scientific project description for each project justifying the requirement to band birds and demonstrating that a banding project is the best way to achieve the intended results. The project description should include the duration of the study, the name(s) of the species and the number of each species that will be banded, the capture methods, any auxiliary marker protocols, and a list of collaborators.
  • Designate a "responsible individual" who must:
    • be at least 18 years of age;
    • provide testimonial letters (PDF; 26 Ko) from two active permit holders who can attest to the responsible individual's ornithological, banding, and record-keeping abilities; and
    • provide the names and addresses of the applicants for subpermits who will be working under the station permit.

Some of the administrative duties associated with a station permit include managing band inventories, overseeing the production of banding reports, submitting annual reports in a timely manner, ensuring the compliance of subpermittees, training volunteers, acting as a reference for other banders, publishing project results, and keeping abreast of developments at the Bird Banding Office.

Please contact the Bird Banding Office if you have any questions regarding the permitting procedure.

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