Additional Permits

Banders are responsible for ensuring that they have all valid permits and licences, in addition to their federal scientific permit to capture and band birds, that may be necessary for their project. Federal banding permits will be issued without confirmation that all authorizations have been obtained, but the permits are valid only if the other necessary permits or authorizations have been obtained.

Image of a bird's wing being measured.

Additional permits which you may require include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provincial or territorial banding permits:Some migratory birds such as owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles require provincial banding permits in addition to federal scientific permits to capture and band migratory birds.

    Ptarmigan, quail, pheasants, and grouse are excluded from the North American Bird Banding Program because they are non-migratory. Contact your local provincial or territorial authority regarding these species.

  • Other provincial and territorial permits: Many of Canada's provinces and territories have wildlife legislation that requires those who work with wildlife to hold appropriate permits. It is advisable to check with the provincial or territorial authorities where you will be banding to ensure that you have all necessary permits in place.

  • Protected areas banding permit: Banding in a provincial/territorial park or protected area may require approval or permits from the provincial/territorial government. Authorization to band in provincial or territorial protected areas may be obtained through provincial conservation officers.

If you will be banding in a national park, please contact the local park superintendent for a research permit.

Authorization to band in federal Migratory Bird Sanctuaries or National Wildlife Areas may be requested from your CWS Regional Office.

Telemetry: Applicants wishing to use radio-telemetry must have a permit from Industry Canada. Contact your nearest regional office for more information.

Federal scientific permits: If the project involves collection of biological material such as blood samples or eggs, banders must hold a federal scientific permit specifically for these activities as well as a federal scientific permit to capture and band migratory birds. Contact your CWS Regional Permits Officer for more permit details.

Species at risk: Applicants wishing to band a threatened or endangered migratory bird listed under the Species at Risk Act must apply for a SARA permit from the Bird Banding Office.

Animal Care Committee approval: All banding projects involving fitted collars, nasal saddles, patagial/wing tags, or radio and satellite transmitters or other auxiliary markers other than colour bands must be approved by an Animal Care Committee.

Banding permits outside of North America: The Bird Banding Office issues permits to Canadians conducting banding projects on North American migratory birds outside of North America. Applicants must also have the approval of the host country.

Please contact the Bird Banding Office for more information.

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