Pollution Prevention Planning

Pollution prevention (P2) planning is a process to examine current operations and develop a plan to eliminate or reduce pollution at the source.  By developing a P2 plan facilities are able to identify options according to the environmental protection hierarchy (prevention, reuse/recycle, treatment, control, waste disposal), evaluate these options and implement them within a specified time frame.  P2 planning places emphasis on identifying the most cost-effective options, including those where facilities can see a return on investment.

Pollution Prevention Planning Notices

This Pollution Prevention (P2) Planning section of Environment Canada’s web site provides information regarding: Pollution Prevention Planning under Part 4 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999); access to published P2 Planning Notices and Results; the P2 Planning Online Reporting tool; guidance documents; as well as information on upcoming and past consultations.

Are you subject to a Pollution Prevention Planning Notice?

If so, the resources found here will assist you in preparing and implementing your P2 Plan as well as reporting the required information to Environment Canada. For detailed information on each Notice, please refer to the individual P2 Planning Notices web pages, which include a link to the Canada Gazette publication as well as compliance promotion support tools.

To report through the P2 Planning Online Reporting Tool, select "Report Online for Pollution Prevention Planning Notices" on the side menu bar.

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