Goal 4

Targeted ecosystems are protected and restored


Estuary Prioritization Project

  • Ranking information will result in more efficient use of conservation dollars for securement of important estuarine habitat.

Airshed Planning and Management

  • Coordination, management and implementation of the Georgia Basin/Puget Sound International Airshed Strategy.    

Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Georgia Basin

  • Movement and fate of persistent organic pollutants in ecosystems of the Georgia Basin.             

Agriculture Pest Management Options

  • Guidelines on pesticide use to protect non-target organisms and habitat areas from negative impacts of priority pesticides.

Best Management Practices for Hull Maintenance at Boatyards and Marinas

  • Promotion and implementation of Best Management Practices for removal of anti-fouling paints during hull maintenance, and pollution prevention at boatyards and marinas.

Abbotsford Aquifer Raspberry Field Soil Nitrate Monitoring

  • Improved data on nitrate levels and transport and greater industry awareness.     

Wastewater (Municipal) Controls          

  • Stakeholder and other government engagement (technical transfer sessions) to advance a long term strategy, including pollution prevention planning for selected toxic substances (ammonia, inorganic chloramines and chlorinated wastewater), for municipal wastewater effluents.

Poultry Farm Particulate Dust Emissions and Soil Nitrogen        

  • Data on the amount and quality of particulates (dust) being emitted from a typical broiler poultry barn as well as soil-nitrate levels in the vicinity of the barn; evaluation of  a design of strategically placed trees to control the release and travel of dust particulates to the surrounding environment

Hornby Island Sandpiper Bioswale     

  • Design, construct and monitor a bioswale to improve surface water quality and promote groundwater infiltration in the Sandpiper area of Hornby Island.

Developing Codes of Practice for Stormwater Quality in the Capital Regional District         

  • Develop Codes of Practice for recycling operations and outdoor storage yards with stakeholder input.             

Agricultural Audit of Two Sensitive Aquifers in the Lower Mainland Region

  • Provincial compliance audits of farms in the Hoppington aquifer in the Township of Langley and the Abbotsford-Sumas aquifer in the City of Abbotsford.

Development of Integrated Pest Management Tools and Strategies for the Management of Wireworms

  • Reduce chemical use and environmental impacts of pesticides for control of wireworms          

Inventory (and ranking) of air toxics in the Lower Fraser Valley  

  • New toxics emissions inventory (last done in 1995) for Metro Vancouver.

Rock Bay Contaminant Reduction Initiative  

  • Education and business pollution prevention program for the automotive industry sector in the Rock Bay watershed

Replacement of Dichloromethane Paint Stripping Process Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt

  • Demonstration project to replace a dichloromethane paint stripping process and associated equipment used on the base in order to reduce air emissions.         

Survey of Pesticide Use in British Columbia: 2003   

  • The survey of pesticide sales and use in British Columbia during 2003.

Sandhill Creek Stewardship Initiative  

  • Increase business awareness of stormwater quality and impacts on fish habitat in the Keating Industrial Park.

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