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Goal 3

Scientific and indigenous knowledge supports improved decision-making by enhancing the understanding of key ecosystem stresses


Bi-annual Research Conference

  • Conference. March 2003, March 2005 and March 2007.

Centre for the Advancement of Green Roof Technology  

  • Agreement supported the construction of a demonstration green roof and the first year of monitoring. Demonstration green roof is still being used for research and education by partners.            

Integrated Stormwater Management Demonstration          

  • The following projects fall under the 'Demonstration' umbrella: Monitoring the Performance of Stormwater Source Controls, Centre for the Advancement, Hornby Island Bioswale, Monitoring the Performance of a Municipally and Hornby Island Greywater.     

Coastal Waterbird Survey

  • New inventory data on coastal bird status and distribution.               

Groundwater Modeling Abbotsford Aquifer

  • Development of a regional flow model and transport model.             

Municipal Wastewater Impacts

  • Broad chemical characterization of solid and liquid effluents from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, particularly those of Greater Vancouver Regional District and Capital Region District.

Strait of Georgia Atmospheric Persistent Organic Pollutants Loading

  • Quantitatively determine the concentration and deposition of airborne pollutants (primarily Persistent Organic Pollutants) to the Strait of Georgia.           

Airshed Modeling

  • To develop, maintain, and apply air quality models to the Georgia Basin/Puget Sound airshed as part of the provision of scientific support to decisions made by the public, the various levels of government, and the private sector.        

Comparison of Two Benthic Biomonitoring Methods for Evaluating the Health of Small Streams            

  • Comparison of two methods (the Benthic index of biotic integrity and Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network methods) for collecting samples and analyzing benthic scores. 

Coast Salish Gatherings

  • Support annual traditional Coast Salish gathering of Chiefs and elders from the Coast Salish First Nations in British Columbia and the Coast Salish Tribes in Washington.     

Species/Habitat Climate Change Interaction

  • Determine the potential areas change of eelgrass habitat due to predicted rise in sea level, based on present range and estimate the loss of food organisms associated with that change.           

Hornby Island Greywater Recycling Program          

  • Testing innovative approaches to greywater recycling as a means of contributing to the protection of surface and groundwater quality and quantity on Hornby Island.

Agricultural Pollutants and Wildlife      

  • Continuation of work on monitoring agricultural toxics and wildlife to maintain credible input to regulation of pesticides and contribute to work on controlling wireworm.   

Species and Habitat: Persistent Contaminants in Georgia Basin           

  • Assess impacts of persistent toxic chemicals on wildlife populations in the Strait of Georgia.   

Coast Salish Traditional Ecological Knowledge Conference       

  • Coast Salish Traditional Environmental Knowledge Conference hosted by the Sto:lo Nation. 

Alpine Ecology

  • The effects of climate variability on mountain songbird populations, and importance of mountain habitats at bird migration stopover sites, are determined and communicated to target audiences.   

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