Canada Gazette

The Canada Gazette contains all formal public notices and official appointments, proposed regulations, regulations, and public acts of Parliament from government departments and agencies. Miscellaneous public notices from private sector organizations, that are required by statute to publish the notices and disseminate the information to the public are also published in the Canada Gazette.

The Canada Gazette serves as a consultative tool between the Government of Canada and Canadians. Canadians have the opportunity to provide their comments on proposed regulations found in Part I of the Canada Gazette. For each proposed regulation listed in Part I, there is a contact name from the department proposing the regulation and a closing date for comments. Canadians and private sector organizations who are going to be affected by proposed regulations listed in Part I can also request background information on proposed regulations from the issuing department.

The Canada Gazette plays an important role in Canada's regulatory process. Not only does it serve as official notice to Canadians, it also allows them to participate and to provide their opinion or comments as befits our democratic system.