Pollution Prevention

Pollution prevention (P2) is about preventing the creation of waste at the source rather than cleaning it up after it has been produced. Minimizing or avoiding the creation of pollutants and wastes can be more effective in protecting the environment and less costly than treating them, or cleaning them up after they have been created. The federal government believes that P2 is the most effective means of protecting our environment, eliminating costly waste and promoting sustainable development.

This website will help you learn about P2 and the different P2 techniques, and offers P2 resources that will help you implement P2 practices, both from a personal and business perspective.

  • Pollution Prevention Basics

    Learn about P2, federal government initiatives relating to P2 and how you can benefit from practising P2, as an individual or business owner.

  • Pollution Prevention Techniques

    Pollution prevention opportunities can be found throughout any operation. The ways in which P2 is achieved vary, but typically there are seven common techniques. Learn about these P2 techniques and see how real businesses, just like yours, are using them right now.

  • Pollution Prevention Resources

    Explore P2 factsheets, stay current with P2 events and learn about the federal strategy for P2.

  • Pollution Prevention in Practice

    This series of factsheets presents an analysis of pollution prevention (P2) information submitted by facilities to the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) for the 2014 reporting year.

  • Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse

    Search this online database to find resources that can help you put P2 into practice.

  • Pollution Prevention Planning

    P2 planning is a process to examine current operations and develop a plan to eliminate or reduce pollution at the source. This website offers information on P2 planning and P2 planning notices.

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