The NAtChem/Precipitation Chemistry Database system was created by Environment Canada's Science & Technology Branch (STB) in 1987 as a Canadian central database and analysis facility. Its main purpose is to determine the chemical composition of regional-scale precipitation and wet deposition in Canada and the U.S. The project accommodates and maintains diverse and variable network data, which are combined together in one database.

Data are collected from Canadian federal and provincial monitoring networks and major U.S. networks. The Database Management System is composed of a data analysis system and three distinct databases: the Network Information System (NIS), the Site Information System (SIS), and the Chemistry Information System (CIS). The data analysis system and all three databases are housed at STB, Toronto, Ontario. The system provides highly-resolved spatial distribution maps of wet deposition and associated analyses by merging data from all possible sources. The data, maps and special data analyses will be provided upon request.

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