Manuals, Standards, Circulars and Bulletins


In this section, you will find Environment and Climate Change Canada's (ECCC) documentation pertaining to weather forecasting, observing standards, circulars and bulletins. This documentation is managed by ECCC for use by ECCC as well as for other Government of Canada departments and partners.

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MANAB cover

Manual of Word Abbreviations
3rd Edition

MANICE cover

Manual of Standards and Procedures for Observing and Reporting Ice Conditions
Revised Edition

MANAIR cover

Manual of Standards and Procedures for Aviation Weather Forecasts
7th Edition, Amendment 1

MANOBS cover

Manual of Surface Weather Observations
7th Edition, Amendment 19, Addendum



Manual of Climatological Observations
4th Edition

MANMAR cover

Manual of Marine Weather Observations
8th Edition


Observer circulars provide instructions concerning new or revised observing procedures and/or new equipment and provide temporary interim instructions. Observer circulars supplement the current edition and amendment of the Manual of Surface Weather Observations (MANOBS) and are incorporated in subsequent editions or amendments.

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OBS 1-2017 | HTML | PDF: 467 KB
IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Approach and alternate limits for Canadian aerodromes
Effective: March 3, 2017


Aviation Weather Observing Bulletins (AVOBS) convey reminders, additional instructions, and clarification of observing procedures to weather observing stations.

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AVOBS 1-2016 | HTML | PDF: 416 KB
Elimination of the requirement for manual completion of Form 63-2322 and Form 63-2325 for NAV CANADA
Effective May 15, 2016

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AVOBS 1-2015 | HTML | PDF; 209 KB
Monthly Climate Form 63-2320
Effective December 31, 2014

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AVOBS 2-2015 | HTML | PDF; 267 KB
Snow Cover Remarks
Effective January 1, 2015

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AVOBS 1-2014 | HTML | PDF; 279 KB
Recording Surface Weather Observation on Form 63-2322 for stations using the NAV CANADA Human Weather Observation System
Effective February 1, 2014

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