Federal Actions

Environment Canada and other federal departments have responded to the need for mercury management by developing many diverse policy and program initiatives. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA, 1999) is the primary example of Canadian legislation that has clearly identified the risks of toxics in the environment. The focus of this Act is pollution prevention and the protection of the environment and human health in order to contribute to sustainable development. CEPA, 1999 includes a section devoted entirely to controlling toxic substances. Research on the nature of mercury and the impact its compounds have on the environment must continue in order to develop policies and legislation that reflect their presence in and effect on the environment.

Use the links below to find out about Canadian mercury legislation and guidelines of interest. Visit the Canadian Programs and Research page to find out about Canadian non-regulatory instruments.

The Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act

The Canada Water Act

The Canada Shipping Act

Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA 1999)

Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines

The Fertilizers Act

The Fisheries Act

Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality - Mercury

Hazardous Products Act

Northwest Territories Water Act

The Nuclear Safety and Control Act

The Pest Control Products Act

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act

Yukon Waters Act

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