Canadian Biodiversity Strategy

The Canadian Biodiversity Strategy, adopted five years ago, sets out Canada's response to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Canada ratified the Convention in 1992.

The development of the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy was an example of federal-provincial-territorial cooperation at its best. On Earth Day 1996 all jurisdictions signed a Statement of Commitment pledging to use the strategy as a guide to their actions and inviting all Canadians to join with them in conserving biodiversity and using Canada's biological resources in a sustainable manner.

Each jurisdiction has been implementing the strategy according to its own priorities and circumstances. There has been a growing recognition, however, that there are issues of cross-Canada importance for which it is not efficient for jurisdictions to act alone, or that exceed their capacities to address individually and therefore require collaborative action. There is also a need for cross-sectoral cooperation.

To that end, the Fisheries, Forests, and Wildlife Ministerial Councils have met jointly, and agreed to collaborate on priority biodiversity issues of Canada-wide concern. Specifically, Ministers agreed to work collaboratively towards the achievement of the following:

A federal-provincial-territorial biodiversity working group will report back to Ministers, on progress achieved on advancing commitments made regarding these Canada-wide priorities.