Minister Anderson Welcomes Eastern Premiers and New England Governors Agreement on Climate Change

OTTAWA, August 31, 2001 - Minister of the Environment, David Anderson, today issued the following statement regarding the agreement reached by the Eastern Canadian Premiers and the New England Governors on climate change:

"Climate change is a global problem, and solving it transcends boundaries. I commend the Premiers and Governors for their efforts to work together in their region of the continent.

I am particularly impressed with their long-term vision of a 75-85% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol is only the first step on a long road towards implementing an effective solution to climate change. The Eastern Premiers and New England Governors have understood this and designed their approach accordingly.

I look forward to cooperating with the Eastern Premiers in addressing climate change and trust that this agreement will further assist Canada and the United States in achieving stated goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions."