Goose Management

Management and Population Control of Canada and Cackling Geese in Southern Canada

Canada and Cackling Geese are a highly valued natural resource for many Canadians; however, they are involved in conflicts with people, particularly when they are present in urban areas. Cackling Geese may cause damage only when they are present during the spring and fall migration periods, whereas Canada Geese may remain throughout the nesting season, and in some areas, throughout the winter. Increases in the number of human-Canada/Cackling Goose conflicts are occurring as temperate nesting populations grow in size and expand their distribution across the country.

Concerned by this issue, Environment Canada has liberalized hunting regulations in most areas across Canada resulting in increased harvest of geese by hunters.  Environment Canada has also developed a handbook on management techniques (PDF; 1.32 MB) to avoid conflicts and help control goose populations in southern Canada. Areas of concern include farmlands, airports, urban parks, golf courses, schools, cemeteries and residential properties, especially those near wetland areas.  The handbook (PDF; 1.32 MB) provides general information about Canada and Cackling Geese in Canada and outlines appropriate preventive and deterrent techniques for use in problem areas. It also describes management tools for which a permit is required from Environment Canada. Finally, it provides contact information for users to obtain additional advice and necessary permits which are required for some activities. Permit holders must agree to follow best practice guidelines.

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