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Asbestos Mines and Mills Release Regulations (SOR/90-341)

The Asbestos Mines and Mills Release Regulations were promulgated on June 14, 1990, pursuant to subsection 34 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. First issued under the Clean Air Act in 1977, the Regulations were intended as a precautionary measure, to limit the concentration of asbestos fibres in gases emitted into the ambient air at asbestos mines or mills from crushing, drying, or milling operations. The Regulations required asbestos mines and mills to install the necessary environmental control technology in order to meet the prescribed limits. Asbestos fibres are controlled to varying degrees by dust collection systems using mechanical collectors and/or baghouses. The Regulations contain provisions whereby the Minister of the Environment may request to the owner or operator of a facility to submit: information and samples respecting the operation of the facility (release measurement reports); information on malfunctions and breakdowns; and information on air pollution control equipment.

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Canada Gazette Date published Volume and number
Part 1: 1989-04-09 Vol. 123, No. 17
Part 2: 1990-07-04 Vol. 124, No. 14

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