Repealed Regulations

Chlorobiphenyls Regulations (SOR/91-152)

The Regulations limit the concentrations of chlorobiphenyls in products or the quantities that may be released. The Regulations set a maximum concentration of 50 parts per million by weight of PCBs that may be contained in specified electrical equipment at the time they are imported, manufactured or offered for sale. The Regulations also set a one gram per day limit on the amount of PCBs that may be released into the environment in the course of commercial, manufacturing and processing activities involving specified equipment, and fifty parts per million by weight as general release prohibition, except for road oiling purposes, where the limit is five parts per million.

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Canada Gazette Date published Volume and number
Part 1: 1990-12-10 Vol. 124, No. 49
Part 2: 1991-03-13 Vol. 125, No. 06

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