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Heavy-duty Vehicle and Engine Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations (SOR/2013-24)

The objective of the Heavy-duty Vehicle and Engine Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations (the Regulations) is to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by establishing mandatory GHG emission standards for new on-road heavy-duty vehicles and engines that are aligned with U.S. national standards. The development of common North American standards will provide a level playing field that will lead North American manufacturers to produce more advanced vehicles, which enhances their competitiveness.

The Regulations will apply to companies manufacturing and importing new on-road heavy-duty vehicles and engines of the 2014 and later model years for the purpose of sale in Canada including the whole range of on-road heavy-duty full-size pickup trucks, vans, tractors and buses, as well as a wide variety of vocational vehicles such as freight, delivery, service, cement, and dump trucks. The Regulations will also include provisions that establish compliance flexibilities which include a system for generating, banking and trading emission credits. The Regulations will include additional credits for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, as well as for innovative technologies to reduce GHG emissions. The Regulations will include further flexibilities for companies to use a phased-in approach for model year 2014 through 2016 tractors and vocational vehicles. Companies will also be required to submit annual reports and maintain records relating to the GHG emission performance of their vehicles and fleets.

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Canada Gazette Date published Volume and number
Part 1: 2012-04-14 Vol. 146, No. 15
Part 2: 2013-03-13 Vol. 147, No. 6

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