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Regulations Amending the 2-Butoxyethanol Regulations (SOR/2014-78)

Improvements to the clarity of the Regulations

The Amendments will make several administrative changes to clarify the Regulations. In particular, the Amendments will make the following key changes:
  • In paragraphs 2(1)(a) and 3(a) of the Regulations, the Amendments will specify that the manufacturer's written instructions must not result in a dilution of the product to a concentration which is greater than the limit set out in the Regulations.
  • Subsections 4(4) and 8(4) of the Regulations currently have the following text: "in writing or in an electronic format that is compatible with the one used by the Minister [of the Environment]." The Amendments will replace this wording, since "in writing" includes all written formats.
  • The Amendments will modify subsection 8(2) of the English regulatory text to request the civic address of the laboratory used to determine the concentration of 2-butoxyethanol in products. This change will ensure consistency between the English and French regulatory texts in this subsection.
  • The Amendments will modify section 7 of the Regulations by specifying that applicable laboratories accredited under the Province of Quebec's Environment Quality Act may perform analyses for the purposes of the Regulations. This modification will be made to clarify current business practices that are acceptable to the Department.
  • Section 8 of Schedule 2 to the Regulations, which outlines rules on confidentiality, will be repealed. Following an internal review, the information listed in this section is no longer considered to be a necessary component of the material that is required to be provided in an application for a permit.
  • To improve the clarity of the Regulations, the Amendments will modify footnote 1 of Schedule 1 to exempt internal engine cleaners since this type of commercial product is not intended to be regulated. This exemption will respond to representations from industry and provide certainty regarding the Department's intent. Internal engine cleaning is a relatively specialized maintenance procedure that is conducted either outdoors or in maintenance garages. This type of procedure requires a trained engine service technician for installation and operation. The risk of 2-butoxyethanol exposure during internal engine cleaning in garages is diminished by the presence of exhaust capture and filtration systems.
The Amendments will make other administrative changes to clarify the Regulations, such as rewording paragraphs 2(1)(b) and 3(b) in the French version of the Regulations (e.g. replacing the word "usage" with "utilisation").

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Part 2: 2014-04-23 Vol. 148, No. 9

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