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Regulations Amending the Gasoline Regulations (SOR/2010-134)

The Regulations Amending the Gasoline Regulations (the Amendments) provide an exemption for the production, import and sale of leaded gasoline in Canada for use in competition vehicles for an indeterminate period. Record-keeping and reporting requirements for producers, importers and sellers of leaded gasoline remain in effect. Environment Canada, with the support of Health Canada, will conduct a five-year review and will assess if further action is warranted based on science, technology and fuel replacement developments. Environment Canada will work collaboratively with the racing industry to encourage a voluntary reduction and phase-out of leaded racing fuel.

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Canada Gazette Date published Volume and number
Part 1: 2010-04-03 Vol. 144, No. 14
Part 2: 2010-07-07 Vol. 144, No. 14

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