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Regulations Amending the Benzene in Gasoline Regulations (Miscellaneous Program) (SOR/2011-41)

Paragraph 19(8)(b) of the Regulations stated that every gasoline importer and producer must retain in Canada

"a sufficient quantity, at least 1.7 L, of the sample so that analysis for each model parameter can be performed by the Minister."

The Standing Joint Committee for the Scrutiny of Regulations has found the wording "a sufficient quantity" to be of a redundant nature. Given that the provisions of this paragraph already state that the minimum amount of sample required to be retained is at least 1.7 litres, the wording "a sufficient quantity" is not necessary.

The Amendments, therefore, remove the following wording from paragraph 19(8)(b) of the Regulations:

  • "a sufficient quantity" from the English version; and
  • "une quantité suffisante" from the French version.

The Amendments are of an administrative nature and improve the clarity of the Regulations by removing wording of a redundant nature. The Amendments do not change the purpose or intent of the Regulations.

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Part 1: 2009-08-08 Vol. 143, No. 32
Part 2: 2011-03-02 Vol. 145, No. 5

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