National Pollutant Release Inventory

The National Pollution Release Inventory (NPRI) is a national, legislated (CEPA 1999, Part 3, Section 48), publicly-accessible inventory. It tracks on-site releases of pollutants to air, water, land, and underground; off-site transfers for disposal; and off-site transfers for recovery, re-use, recycling and energy recovery.

For more information, visit the NPRI web site, and find out more About the NPRI.

Reporting by the June 1st date is a legal requirement of the "Notice with Respect to Substances in the National Pollutant Release Inventory (PDF, 626KB, go to page 11)", published January 17, 2004 in the Canada Gazette, Part 1. This Notice is published under the authority of subsection 46 (1) of the Canadian Environment Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). Facilities reporting after June 1, 2005 are in violation of CEPA 1999.

NPRI Guidance Documents

In Canada, any person who owns or operates a facility must submit an NPRI report for the substances listed if the facility meets specific criteria or requirements.

The NPRI guidance documents provide more information on the NPRI reporting requirements and how to submit a report to the NPRI.

NPRI Data and Reports

Every year the NPRI publishes a database of the pollutant release and transfer information submitted by facilities. The NPRI data can also be found on the On-Line Data Search site. The On-Line Data Search provides a simple, interactive way to search the NPRI database.

The NPRI publishes an annual report summarizing the NPRI data.

NPRI Consultations

Environment Canada establishes a work group (Industry, Non-Government Organizations, Federal and Provincial representatives) to consider changes to the NPRI.

For more information on NPRI consultations, view the NPRI consultations web site.

Proposing changes to the NPRI program

A stand-alone permanent process document, fully describing the process on how to propose changes, was developed by the 1998-2000 NPRI Ad Hoc Work Group on Substances and recently adopted by Environment Canada (EC).


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