Section 9 of CEPA 1999, provides for the federal government to enter into Administrative Agreements with provinces. In addition, under Section 10, the federal government can enter into an Equivalency Agreement with a province, so that provincial requirements are enforced in place of the equivalent CEPA 1999 regulation. Other related agreements, such as those on Canada-Wide Standards, are entered into under CEPA 1999 section 9, however they represent cooperation towards a common goal, rather than a delegation of authority under CEPA 1999. Furthermore, under Canada's constitution, the federal government has the authority to enter into international environmental agreements. CEPA 1999 and CEPA 1999 Regulations implement a number of these agreements.

Proposed Agreements

A copy of every agreement proposed to be made by the Minister under CEPA 1999, is published in Part 1 of the Canada Gazette, Canada's official parliamentary journal. Within 60 days after the publication of a proposed agreement, any person may file with the Minister, comments or a notice of objection on the proposed agreement. Once a proposed agreement has been finalized, the Minister shall publish, or give notice of its availability, in Part II of the Canada Gazette.

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